What is malaria?

Malaria is a serious tropical disease spread by mosquitoes! Find out about the causes, symptoms and risks of malaria, and how you can help protect yourself.

What you need to know about malaria

Most of us have heard of malaria, yet we don’t take it seriously. Learn more about this potentially fatal, tropical disease and how it spreads.

The facts about malaria

212 million

Cases of malaria, worldwide, in 2015


Deaths from malaria, worldwide, in 2015


The number of malaria cases brought to the UK in 2015, with 820 cases from Western Africa

1 year

How long it can take for malaria symptoms to develop after infection

Causes and symptoms of malaria

Did you know that initial symptoms of malaria are flu-like?

Malaria hotspots

Find out if malaria protection is recommended for your travel destinations.

How to protect yourself

Anyone can get malaria. Discover the best tips for protecting yourself on your trip ...

Getting medical advice abroad

A useful travel health checklist if you need medical attention abroad.