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Pharmacy Zone - Maloff ProtectGet up to speed with how to recommend Maloff Protect and make your pharmacy the ‘Go to’ place for malaria protection



Risk Minimisation Materials have been created as a condition of the product license to help you safely recommend Maloff Protect to eligible travellers.

You can also check the SmPC before recommending Maloff Protect. 

Click above to access the full range of Risk Minimisation Materials. 




This training has been developed in addition to the Maloff Protect Risk Minimisation Materials

This additional training has been created independently and does not replace the Risk Minimisation Materials

Ensure that you consult the SmPC and use the Risk Minimisation Materials when recommending Maloff Protect to travellers.

All the Risk Minimisation Materials are available in the pharmacy zone of the Maloff Protect website:



Useful materials have been designed to support your learning about malaria chemoprophylaxis and Maloff Protect. These materials are not intended to replace the use of the Risk Minimisation Materials.

Click above to access these useful resources.